Mission, Vision, Values
Guiding Principles for the future of how Sonr will operate

๐Ÿงญ Mission

Sonr is building the most simple and intuitive Decentralized Web experience for users and developers alike with our revolutionary blockchain and universal digital wallet.

๐Ÿ”ญ Vision

Web3 is at a chasm, a lot of companies are building clunky and complex software that neither developers or users can understand. We believe that we are the right people to transition the 87% of the world without crypto to digital freedom.

โš–๏ธ Values

1. Move with Urgency and Focus

The landscape is rapidly changing and larger companies are getting involved. But as said in the innovators dilemma, "The risk for a preexisting firm to jump into a new market greatly outweighs the risk of an agile startup making rapid decisions." We are going to position ourselves as the Web3 Industry standard in both User Experience and Developer Relations.

2. User Experience First

ABSOLUTELY ZERO JARGON. The most intuitive and innovative user interfaces are rooted with some of the most technically sound engineering. We must constantly put ourselves in our target users shoes with series of first principles exercises. "Would my dad buy an NFT?", "Would my friend in Real Estate use this App?", "Is this Instagram killer App have enough value prop for my girlfriend to switch over?"

3. Everyone is wrong... We dont have to be like everyone

With the huge media attention on the crypto industry right now, there will be a large influx of companies polluting the landscape with half-baked solutions (similar to the .com bubble).
It's clear nobody really understands the space enough to forecast how it will be for the next 10 years. It's our job to strategically create an ecosystem with inherent value that benefits everyone.

4. Feel Stupid, Every day

This industry is changing constantly with new protocols and tokens popping up every other day. We encourage you to constantly ask questions and scour the internet or your peers for solutions. The wise man knows when he doesn't know, and the dumb man pretends he does know.
โ€‹Prad Nukala | Nov 23, 2021
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